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About EMF Assessment’s

Your EMFGEO Consultant, Jason King, was trained by GEOVITAL, an international company that specializes in EMF mitigation from a holistic health perspective and offers solutions for reducing electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure in residential environments by following a specific methodology to assess and address EMF concerns for its clients.

Here are some critical aspects of the EMF assessment methodology:

  1. On-site Assessments: EMF consultant practitioners conduct detailed on-site assessments to identify and measure EMF sources within the client’s living or working space. They use specialized equipment to measure different EMFs, including power frequency and radio-frequency EMFs.
  2. Individualized Consultations: EMF consultant practitioners work closely with clients to understand their specific concerns, health symptoms, and lifestyle habits. This allows them to provide personalized recommendations tailored to each client’s needs.
  3. EMF Shielding: Your EMF consultant promotes using shielding materials to reduce exposure to EMFs. They provide recommendations for shielding options, such as paints and fabrics from GEOVITAL, that can be applied to walls, windows, and other surfaces to create barriers against EMF penetration.
  4.  Electrical Wiring Solutions: Your EMF consultant looks for Electric and Magnetic field readings that might indicate wiring errors. This may involve addressing grounding issues, optimizing wire routing, or suggesting shielded wiring. After detection, a licensed Electrician is often required.
  5.  Sleep Sanctuary Design: Recognizing the importance of a restful sleeping environment, We emphasize the creation of a “sleep sanctuary” by assessing and mitigating EMF sources, including nearby power lines, electrical circuits, and wireless devices.
  6. EMF-Reducing Strategies: Your EMF consultant educates clients about practical strategies to reduce EMF exposure in their daily lives. This may involve minimizing the use of wireless devices, optimizing device placement, and adopting healthier habits regarding technology usage.
  7. Geopathic Stress: Most Americans are unfamiliar with Geopathic stress, which is a method of detecting terrestrial radiation sources. In Germany, the genesis of modern geopathic stress testing was founded on cancer studies in populations affected by geological disturbances. German physician Dr Ernst Hartmann, MD, wrote that cancer is a disease of location triggered by geopathic stress. Learn more.
  8. Ongoing Support: Your EMF consultant provides ongoing support to clients, assisting them in implementing the recommended solutions and monitoring the effectiveness of the measures taken. This includes follow-up assessments and consultations to ensure the desired reduction in EMF exposure is achieved.