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About Jason King

As a veteran IT worker, Jason's career brought him to awareness of the biological impact of technology on the environment, animal life and human health. After experiencing symptoms often associated with EMF overexposure, Jason began personal research into the subject which lead to his attending training, and certification for GeoBiology, EMF radiation shielding, and assessments with the Geovital Academy in Australia, and later in Austria. Jason also collaborates with activists and researches who are pushing the envelop of public EMF awareness, and safe technology. In addition Jason initiated the public advocacy group Floridians for Safer Technology which can be found at: www.floridiansforsafertech.org

Contact 941-479-0113

EMF Assessments

EMFGEO is one of the very few, GeoVital trained and equipped EMF Consultants in Florida. We are local to the Tampa bay area, but can serve the Orlando or Sarasota areas with an additional travel expense.


Assessments for Electrical and Magntic fields 100%
Assessment for Wireless, Mobile and Cell Tower Emissions 100%
Geopathic Strress Assessment 100%