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Electrical Wiring Errors and EMF’s

Common electrical wiring errors that produce EMF include an imbalance between the supply (hot) and return (neutral) current[1], neutral to ground connectivity faults[1], miss-wiring[1], and EMF hotspots[3]. These errors can be identified by testing the wiring system for Low Frequency, Alternating Current, Magnetic Field Radiation (MF)[1] and Electric Field Radiation (EF)[2].

Other Common errors include overlamping, uncovered junction boxes, too few outlets, no GFCIs, overwired panels, aluminum wiring, exposed wires, rust and scratched wires, loose cables and connections, choosing the wrong circuit breaker and dimming or flickering lights[1][2][3]. These errors can cause short circuits, shocks and even fires[4]. Solutions to these problems include fixing loose connections and replacing faulty circuit breakers[5].

Solutions to reduce EMF radiation from these errors can include shielding[2] or routing the wire[3]. Electricians can be trained or guided by your EMF consultant to perform the required troubleshooting and make the final repairs[2].


1. Residential Wiring Issues and High Magnetic Fields

Strong magnetic fields due to wiring errors are most often caused by an imbalance between the supply (hot) and return (neutral) current.

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3. EMF Radiation from House Wiring

Does house wiring emit EMF radiation? Yes, the basic electric wiring in your house is a source of EMF radiation.

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Wiring problems and mistakes are all too common, and if left uncorrected have the potential to cause short circuits, shocks and even fires.

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