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Could You Be Electro-Sensitive? – 6 Signs

From Nick Pineault Newsletters

Sign #1:
You feel older than your real biological age.

Sign #2:
You regularly experience these common EMF-related symptoms.-

● Fatigue/weakness: “wired but tired” 

● Sleep disturbance/insomnia 

● Headaches/migraines 

● Brain fog/difficulty concentrating 

● Depression/anxiety 

● Memory loss 

● Tinnitus (ears ringing)

Sign #3:
Your symptoms get dramatically better when you are away from home, or from work.

Sign #4:
You have been exposed to toxic chemicals at work or home, or have been diagnosed with Lyme disease or mold toxicity.

Sign #5:
You live within 500 meters (approx. 1,600 ft.) of a cell phone tower.

Sign #6:
You experience any of these less common, but more concerning EMF-related symptoms.

● Visual disruption/light sensitivity 

● Heart palpitations/Dizziness 

● Neurological diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

If you suffer from electro-sensitivity, seek the help of a properly trained health practitioner.

● Dr.Stephanie McCarter and the team from DeeperHealing (South Carolina): 

● Dr.Neil Nathan (offers online consultations):