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A Wide Range of EMF Assessments

EMF Assessments

The bedroom is the most important area to protect as we sleep and regenerate there every night. In addition to your bedroom, securing your entire apartment or home can bring even more benefits to your overall health.


If your neighbors have WiFi routers above or below you in apartment complexes, cell towers are nearby – or your room is full of EMF emitting devices, smart TV’s, and computers or your home wiring is faulty- strategy’s and solution’s are available to address them.

  • RF blocking paint
  • RF blocking curtains
  • RF blocking mesh
  • RF blocking window films
  • Fuse box kill switches (for turning off selected circuits at night)
  • Proper grounding on home wiring if net current is detected.
  • Using Cat 7 Ethernet instead of wireless internet connection
  • Moving all devices out of the bedroom
  • Relocating the position of your bed to move away from harmful geopathic stress or EMF fields
  • Using non conductive mattresses and frames (no metals)

Result and client benefits:

With an EMF protected whole apartment you may find yourself refreshed and rejuvenated, having allowed your body to recuperate with out the constant bombardment of wireless signal or other stresses.

Pre-Rental or Pre-Purchase Assessment

Pre-Rental or Purchase Assessment

Before signing a lease, or making a home purchase, know before you make the commitment if there are EMF factors to consider.

The most important readings to take are the magnetic fields emanating from nearby transmission lines or power stations. Magnetic fields cannot be mitigated against, and so it is the first item to check. Geovital recommends levels of 0.3-0.8 millagaus. Prolonged exposure at levels of 2mG are linked to the disruption of melatonin and 4mG or greater is linked in some studies to Lukemia.

What I can do for you

I may be able to assess your property but it all depends on timing and availability. That’s why if you are in an immediate need please follow the instructions below on how to take an EMF reading yourself, with a TriField meter, and then contact me for follow up.

What you can do on your own

Its very hard to arrange on demand appointments when you are making quick  decisions of a property or rental you are considering. This is why I recommend purchasing a TriField meter to take measurements when you visit the property.

The TriField meter can read Magnetic field, Electric field, and RF (radio frequency) levels. It is an amateur consumer level meter, but that’s just fine for establishing a baseline which can be further investigated. If buying property you want to be assured that you have the safest levels possible. We recommend readings under 1mG, for magnetic fields from your nearby transmission lines.

I also recommend you take Geovital’s video course on the TriField meter, or other instructional videos you can find.

Here are a few basic tips for you.

  • Is the property exposed to cell towers 1/2 mile or closer?
  • Are they in direct line-of-sight, with no blocking objects, tall buildings, trees and so forth?
  • Are the local transmission lines on your side of the street, or very close to your property/building?

    Ideal exposures recommended by Geovital:For sleeping areas:
  •  Magnetic fields at or < 0.3 mG (Milligauss)
  •  RF field’s at or < 0.1 microwatts per square meter  (µW/m²)
  •  Electric fields should be less than 1 V/m (Volts per meter)
    For non-sleeping areas:
  •  Magnetic fields  < 0.8 mG (Milligauss)
  •  RF (Radio frequency) to less than 10 microwatts per square meter (µW/m²)
  •  EF (Electric fields) to less than < 10 V/m (Volts per meter)

    Sources and Recommendations


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  • Bedroom Assessment
  • Whole Apartment Assessment
  • Whole House Assessment
  • Pre-rental, Pre-purchase Assessment
  • New Home Builds