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How To Elevate Human Connection Over Digital Engagement

EMF Educator and Building Biologist Mary Anne Tierney, RN, MPH has been my guest on many occasions. In this guest article she shares just some of the reasons why, for you, and your family (and for everyone) it’s such a good, and such a life and health enhancing idea to participate in the Global Day of Unplugging.

Do you have trouble turning off your cell phone? Are you concerned about others who seem “constantly connected”? If so, come join us for the

March 1-2,2024 sundown to sundown

The mission of this worldwide event is to “elevate human connection over digital engagement.”  Its early rendition was launched 15 years ago when the Jewish arts and culture non-profit, Reboot, launched a partnership with Sabbath Manifesto, a project designed to slow down lives in an increasingly hectic world. Today the Global Day of Unplugging is organized by the non-profit Unplug Collaborative, which has brought together thousands of us from at least ten countries to connect in person, face-to-face with those we care about.  Organizers have jumped on board U.S. Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, MD’s ’s call-to-action to “end loneliness.” Dr Murthy believes that excessive time on technology is a major contributor to this problem.  You can read his full report HERE or listen to his interview with National Public Radio’s OnBeing Project.

Your Time Unplugged Can Be Just An Hour

Or it can be the whole 24 hours!   It’s a great opportunity to meet up with friends, host an unplugged game night, do some crafting with kids, bake something yummy together, or take a long walk or hike.

Here is what I found from last year’s Global Day Unplugging, when a team of us from SafeTech NC had an information table at a popular farmers’ market:   We promoted unplugging while also demonstrating the radiation coming off cell phones.  The 200+ shoppers we spoke with were both shocked and amazed! At least 95% of folks welcomed the chance to unplug and learn how to use their phone more safely.

This a great way to reducing our radiation exposure. It is also a way to share widely on why and how to practice safer tech use!

Unplugged time with family and friends can happen anytime, not just on March 1-2.  Here’s an idea to plan: Host an unplugged book study!  Read together the updated version of Devra Davis, PhD, MPH’s groundbreaking book:  Disconnect:  A Scientist’s Solutions for Safer Technology   It has lots of the latest science of the impacts on our bodies and brains, along with practical tips for safer tech use.

Another great book:   24/6:  The Power of Unplugging One Day a Week by NY Times award-winning author Tiffany Shlain.

While Ms. Shlain, who is also an award-winning filmmaker and internet pioneer, does not acknowledge the effects of wireless radiation, she presents stunning findings from her own life and others’ experiences in having a weekly practice of taking a Tech Sabbath.

While I personally resisted the ritual of sabbath in my own life, reading this book and practicing this each week has carved out for me a rhyme of rest that nothing can stop!

You can check out my recent conversation with Lloyd where I share some of my story and how I discovered the power of the Tech Sabbath, here:

Wishing you and yours some peaceful, unplugged time together soon!

Our Guest author Mary Anne Tierney, RN, MPH, is certified by the Building Biology Institute as an Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist. She is an ambassador with ScreenStrong and the Executive Director of SafeTech NC.   Mary Anne provides EMF assessments, inspections and health coaching and she can be reached at Blue Ridge EMF Solutions



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