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How to Find a Geovital Consultant in your area

If you’re outside of the Tampa Bay area, and you want to find a Geovital Consultant in your location, you can select the country you are in from the menu on the website[1][2][3][4][5]. This will provide you with contact details for the local Geovital office and consultants. The global team comprises of approximately 280 Building Geobiologists who have extensive training in electrobiology and geobiology[1], and GEOVITAL consultants charge relatively little for a home or bedroom assessment[1]. Additionally, there are EMF-only Affiliates and full-service affiliates available in several countries[3], as well as Geovital trained affiliates who may not be listed on the website[4].


1. Consultations in your area – Geovital – Academy

By selecting the country you are in, in the menu above, you will find consultants in your area and the main Geovital office / school.

2. Contact Us – Geovital – Academy

Below you find the contact details for each GEOVITAL OFFICE in the world. To actually contact the consultants closest to you, find the …

3. Geovital in the USA

We need more consultants around the country. Find out more about our courses. No one near you? Geovital consultants are available nation wide.

4. Geovital in Australia

The following consultants will be in different locations than their normal place of work: We need more consultants around the country. Find …

5. About Building Geobiology – Home assessments

This is why, you should contact a GEOVITAL Geobiologist today! Find consultants near you here. QUICK-LINKS. More details about the assessment …