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In Home Assessment Guide

An Overview

Once you have determined that you are interested in a home assessment for EMF exposure, you can make arraignments to schedule an appointment here, Or you can call us as at 941-479-0113.

So how does an appointment proceed and what’s involved in it?

First your consultant will check out your neighborhood surroundings for nearby electrical substations, transmission lines, and cell tower locations. Environmental readings will be taken for HF, (cell tower transmissions) and LF (magnetic fields and from power lines and electrical utilities. Later these readings will be compared to the readings we take inside your home. This part is all done before entering your home.

Once the consultant knocks on your door, we will have a brief chat on the plan for the time spent assessing your home. Usually it goes something like this:

We expect the full assessment to take on average 3-4 hours. To begin our approach is to emphasize these 3 basic principles:

Avoidance – Distance is your friend!
Elimination – Remove unwanted or unneeded sources of
Shielding – When you cannot, avoid or eliminate, then shield with various shielding solutions which we will go over with you.

You will be asked to be an active investigative participant in this process. If you have roommates, a partner or spouse its best to include them. You will be asked to hold the meters and read them (we will show you how) and turn off and on breaker switches.

We will review government and world body organizations health limits for EMF exposure, and compare those to independent organizations recommendations like the BioInitiative Report, and other research article recommendations. We are setting a base line understanding of what exposure levels are understood to be harmful, or of concern. This will be important later when we take measurements in your home. Some materials will be provided.

Pre-assessment questions for you.
If you have any health conditions you’re are concerned about, we ask that you do not divulge them before or during the assessment, to not bias the results.

Please remove any evidence of which side of bed you sleep on, whether you sleep by yourself or with a partner.

Then as we move into different areas of your home, we ask you turn on or off any devices or appliances as you would normally.

Next will begin and assessment of your homes daytime areas looking for:

Magnetic Fields – from your local power lines
Electric Fields – from household wiring circuits
RF – from local wireless and cell tower emissions
RF – test of your microwave oven, if you have one.
RF – detection of RF emitting devices (wireless modems, baby monitors, wireless doorbells etc.)
DE – detection of Dirty Electricity on circuits from appliances, lightbulbs, dimmer switches, solar panels, and other sources.

Then we will look for issues in the home office:
We recommend not using WIFI! (Ethernet is better – more on this during the assessment.)

Is the internet router close to the person? (remember- distance is your friend).

We will cover differnet methods to deactivate WIFI and set up Ethernet connections, which gives your more speed and does not emit EMF.

We will cover what the best practice is for setting up a laptop. Use an attached keyboard for instance. (we will go over this)

Are cables too close to your feet? (tips on managing cables)

Are your device connections properly grounded? If so that’s good but we don’t ground the person! And, let’s reduce your devices that remain on standby.

Next up we look at the bedroom.

We will do some quick measurements of electric and magnetic fields in the room, walls and ceiling.

Then we will ask you or your partner to lay in the bed, and we will measure the RF and magnetic fields effects on the body. You will be surprised to learn how your body is like an antenna picking up the fields surrounding you.

Once measured we will turn off circuit breakers (we have a method to do this safely and will show you how) for the circuit in your room. You will see how exposure levels decrease once a high emf emitting circuit is shut off, and how even if you keep devices and appliances turned off it’s not enough, if they are plugged in, then there is still an electric field that may affect you. Once “bad’ circuits have been identified we can make recommendations to correct.

Next we will look at the Bed itself and its materials.

Were going to look at the materials in your bed, whether it has a metal frame, box spring coils and so forth, anything that might take on a slight magnetic charge from electric fields nearby.
We will recommend an ideal bed setup and mattress options.

Finally we will do Geopathic stress testing.

Geopathic stress is related to the natural magnetic field of the earth, and radiation that emits from the earth itself where there is geological stress, such as underground water veins, fault lines, or ground mixing (a sort of jumble of rocks and earth).

You are probably familiar with the old time dowsers who detect underground water sources to site a well for instance. This dowsing art is also used for detecting many other geological features that may affect human health. In our case we will locate, those just mentioned and find the earth grid lines called Hartman and Curry Lines, and the intersections that produce higher levels of earth radiation. We will elaborate more on this interesting subject during the assessment.

If Geopathic stress features are found we will explain how they can be deflected, and how that can benefit you. Sometimes just moving a bed out of range is good enough but if not Geovital offers several products (blocking pads) for deflecting Geopathic stress.


Now we are at the end of our assessment. To conclude we make a summary and key recommendations for you. Also, a short form illustrating our findings will be given to you and we will assist with the ordering of any products if desired.

So that you know what your options are, we will go over our shielding products, and review pricing should you decide to make any purchases. When an order is made, we will arrange a follow up visit to make sure your needs have been met.

We hope that this guide will give you a good understanding of the process and what to expect from a home assessment in preparation for your first visit.

Feel free to connect with us or relate any concerns you may have before scheduling an