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Learn About the Building Biology Institute

The Building Biology Institute (BBI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides factsheets, videos, seminars, online courses and certification training to learn the science of healthy buildings[1]. Building Biology deals with the effects of the built environment on people and nature, taking into account health, sustainability and design aspects[2]. It began in Germany in the 1970s in response to the number of sick ‘energy efficient’ buildings created to conserve energy costs during the oil embargo[3].Building Biology is about creating healthy and sustainable buildings in ecologically sound and socially connected communities. A Building Biologist is an indoor environmental consultant who is trained to identify and address health hazards in the built environment from air, water and biological contaminants[3]. The Building Biology Institute educates environmental consultants and health care practitioners on how to spot and remediate a range of environmental problems[2]. The leadership, faculty, practitioners and volunteers at BBI are dedicated to providing a path for dealing with some of today’s chronic health challenges stemming from their environment.


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Learn the science of healthy buildings with our factsheets, videos, seminars, online courses, and certification training.

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Building Biology deals with the effects of the built environment on people and nature. In a holistic sense, health, sustainability and design aspects are …

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