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Reduce your EMF exposure

  1. Minimize Wireless Device Use:
    • Limit cell phone use: Keep your cell phone usage to a minimum and avoid carrying it directly on your body. Use speakerphone or wired headphones for calls.
    • Reduce Wi-Fi exposure: Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use or use wired connections whenever possible. If Wi-Fi is necessary, keep the router away from frequently occupied areas.
    • Use airplane mode: Put your wireless devices, such as phones and tablets, in airplane mode when not actively using the internet or making calls.
  2. Create EMF-Free Zones:
    • Create a sleep sanctuary: Keep your bedroom free from electronic devices. Avoid placing alarm clocks, phones, or other electronic gadgets close to your bed.
    • Designate device-free areas: Establish specific areas in your home where you limit or avoid the use of wireless devices, such as dining areas or relaxation spaces.
  3. Optimize Device Placement:
    • Keep a distance: Maintain a distance from devices emitting EMFs, such as laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles. Use a desk or table instead of placing them on your lap.
    • Avoid prolonged close contact: Minimize the amount of time spent in close proximity to high EMF sources, including power transformers, electrical panels, or large appliances.
  4. Use Wired Connections:
    • Choose wired alternatives: Whenever possible, opt for wired connections instead of wireless. For example, use wired internet connections, wired headphones, or Ethernet cables instead of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  5. Consider EMF-Reducing Accessories:
    • Use EMF-shielding products: Consider using EMF-shielding accessories, such as phone cases or laptop shields, which can reduce EMF exposure when devices are in use.
    • Utilize protective clothing: Some companies offer clothing or accessories with EMF-blocking properties to reduce exposure to EMFs.
  6. Conduct a Home Aud
    • Hire a professional: Consider engaging an EMF specialist to conduct an audit of your home or workplace, identify EMF sources, and provide recommendations for reducing exposure.
    • Mitigate EMF sources: Address any wiring errors or EMF hotspots discovered during the audit, and follow the recommendations provided to minimize exposure.

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