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Reduce your EMF exposure

A few tips on your reducing EMF exposures. For even more tips see my book chapter on “Little things you can do yourself to reduce EMF

  • Minimize Wireless Device Use: Limit cell phone use. Keep your cell phone usage to a minimum and avoid carrying it directly on your body. Use speakerphone or wired headphones for calls.
  • Reduce Wi-Fi exposure: Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use or use wired connections whenever possible. If Wi-Fi is necessary, keep the router away from frequently occupied areas.
  • Use airplane mode: Put your wireless devices, such as phones and tablets, in airplane mode when not actively using the internet or making calls.
  • Create EMF-Free Zones: Create a sleep sanctuary: Keep your bedroom free from electronic devices. Avoid placing alarm clocks, phones, or other electronic gadgets near your bed.
  • Designate device-free areas: Establish specific areas in your home where you limit or avoid using wireless devices, such as dining areas or relaxation spaces.
  • Optimize Device Placement: Keep a distance: Maintain a distance from devices emitting EMFs, such as laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles. Use a desk or table instead of placing them on your lap.
  •  Avoid prolonged close contact: Avoid spending time near high EMF sources, such as power transformers, electrical panels, or large appliances.
  • Use Wired Connections: Choose wired alternatives. Whenever possible, opt for wired connections instead of wireless. For example, use wired internet connections, headphones, or Ethernet cables instead of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Consider EMF-Reducing Accessories: Use EMF-shielding products: Consider using EMF-shielding accessories, such as phone cases or laptop shields, which can reduce EMF exposure when devices are in use.
  • Conduct a Home Audit. Hire a professional: Consider engaging an EMF specialist to audit your home or workplace, identify EMF sources, and provide recommendations for reducing exposure.
  • Mitigate EMF sources: Address any wiring errors or EMF hotspots discovered during the audit and follow the recommendations provided to minimize exposure.

For even more tips see my book chapter on “Little things you can do yourself to reduce EMF