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Bedroom Assessment

Your bedroom or sleeping area is key to your health as the body goes into rest, and recuperation every night. If you only do one thing, it should be to secure your sleeping and make it an emf free zone as much as possible.


If your neighbors have WiFi routers above or below you in apartment complexes, cell towers are nearby – or your room is full of EMF emitting devices, smart TV’s, and computers or your home wiring is faulty- strategy’s and solution’s are available to address them.


A few of out approaches might be:

  •  RF blocking paint
  •  RF blocking curtains
  •  RF blocking mesh
  •  RF blocking window films
  •  Fuse box kill switches (for turning off selected circuits at night)
  •  Proper grounding on home wiring if net current is detected.
  •  Using Cat 7 Ethernet instead of wireless internet connection
  •  Moving all devices out of the bedroom
  •  Relocating the position of your bed to move away from harmful geopathic stress or EMF fields
  •  Using non conductive mattresses and frames (no metals)


Result and client benefits:

With an EMF protected sleeping area you may find yourself refreshed and rejuvenated, having allowed your body to recuperate without the constant bombardment of wireless signals or other stresses.