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EMF Protection for
Your Home

We assess and mitigate (RF) radiofrequency radiation, electric and magnetic fields, micro-surge pollution (dirty electricity), and geopathic stress in your home

Magnetic and Electric Fields

Magnetic fields are very strong when close to eclectic power distribution or transmission lines. Magnetic fields are also caused by electrical wiring errors in the home, resulting in net current problems that produce elevated magnetic field levels.

(RF) Radiofrequency Fields

In our urban environments, our RF exposure levels are increasing every day, from cell tower transmissions to wireless devices such as cell phones, WiFi routers, smart TVs, Bluetooth-enabled devices, office equipment, smart meters, IoT tech, and more.

Geopathic Stress

Geopathic stress refers to natural forms of radiation emanating from the earth through geological formations such as underground waterways, ground mixing, and fault lines, disrupting the earth’s natural magnetic field known as Schumann Resonance (7.83Hz).

EMF Mitigation for

Apartment /Condo

Prices vary on size, location, and travel time.
Assessment time is 2-5 hours plus travel.
Follow-up consultation included.

Whole House

Prices vary on size, location, and travel time.
Assessment time is 4-8 hours, plus travel.
Follow-up consultation included.

Real Estate pre-purchase

Prices vary depending on location and travel time.
Follow-up consultation included.

EMF News

Learn more about EMF Safety and read about EMF topics.

Daily exposure in public spaces

“I’m grateful to Jason for showing levels of EMF in and around my home and covering mitigation options at a reasonable rate I haven’t found elsewhere. We learned that my Stetzer Filters are somewhat helpful, shungite was not, as so many claim, and that the area in front of my home is to be avoided, motivating me to move sooner than I otherwise would have. Jason also taught me a lot about natural and synthetic EMF influences.”

C Stiener

“Jason King came to our home to give us a demonstration concerning EMF and check our readings with his metering equipment. We were surprised by his findings in our home and the level of EMF fields that were being emitted! We are very grateful for Jason’s knowledge and professional experience, which he shared. He helped us better understand our surroundings and the dangers and consequences of EMF exposure. 

D & T McCoy

Let’s make your home EMF safe

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