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Why chose us

EMFGEO is a Geovital trained and equipped EMF Consultant in Florida. We are local to the Tampa bay area, but also serve the Orlando or Sarasota areas with an additional travel expense.


Assessments for Electrical and Magnetic fields 100%
Assessment for Wireless, and Mobile and Cell Tower Emissions 100%
Geopathic Assessment 100%

What Clients say

Answer & Questions

Jason King is the owner of EMFGEO, and a certified GeoVital EMF consultant

Please call us at (941) 479-0113‬ or email inof@emfgeo.com

We serve the greater Tampa Bay area for physical site visitation., which would include St Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, Brandon, Lakeland, Bradenton, Sarasota, and Orlando. Phone or video consultations are also possible. For assessments outside of our area of service arrangements could be made with additional travel and accommodation costs included. We can also make referrals for you for EMF Consultants closer to you.

Give us a call or email, after reviewing your needs, we will have you sign a work order with us, set up a date and make a small deposit.

Call 941-479-0113 or contact us here

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